Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021 and here is a quick reminder about securing robust true own occupation coverage. Learn more about our discounts to teaching hospitals across the United States.


Mid August Check In

Below are a couple of quick tips and reminders for all the new residents and fellows.


A moment of gratitude to our physicians…

In the video below I take a moment to give gratitude to our physicians and give you and update on how physiciandisabilityquote.com has been handling our new normal.


5 steps to securing Disability Insurance

The process to secure disability insurance can seem daunting but we want to make it simple for you.

In the video below we break down the process in 5 easy to understand steps.

Forbearance vs Income-Driven Plans for residents

As a resident considering student loan repayment includes understanding the difference between Forbearance and Income-Driven Plans. Below our certified Student Loan Professional Megan Landress will give you a quick break down of both repayment options and the differences between the two.

Creating a student loan repayment plan

In the video below, certified Student Loan Professional Megan Landress gives residents and new physicians a couple of key points to consider when creating a student loan repayment plan.